Yvonne Lamberty

THE POWER OF MANDALAS: The goal is always the center

"I paint mandalas freehand, out of a deep intuition and meditation. My "yandalas" reflect a connection between heaven and earth through their inner luminosity. A connection to the universal force within us, which is connected to our heart and whispers to us through intuition."

"There is a whole world hidden in the depths of your self...

... says an Indian proverb. I found a very special access to the depths of my self at a very early age. I was still a little girl when I had a near-death experience. An experience so drastic and touching that I have not forgotten it to this day. It was as if a door to another world opened for a brief moment. A world that was somehow very familiar to me. I saw a light that emanated a great power. It magically drew me in. It felt like "coming home". This light was so perfect and perfect.

But it was still too early to 'return' to this world. Nevertheless, these moments made a big impression on me and I began to ask myself very early on where I came from and who I was.
I was 11 years old when I intuitively painted my first mandalas, freehand, without any guidelines or templates. Nobody in my family knew where this came from. Nor did I know at the time that the pictures I painted intuitively were mandalas. The symmetrical circular image captivated me.
It reminded me of that familiar world that I so often longed to return to. It was the merging of colors and shapes in a geometric harmony where everything was one and came together in the center. I forgot time and space and whenever I painted, a great feeling of happiness flowed through me. A sign to continue painting and to deepen the expression of my pictures.
This is how my yandalas were created over time. I had a strong desire in my heart to mediate "between the worlds" through my paintings. They are the expression of faith, hope and a deep trust in the universal source in each of us and the inexhaustible power that protects and accompanies us.
I wish you much joy, inspiration and light-filled moments with my pictures.

Your Yvonne

My book

Your path to intuitive painting, whether with acrylic or watercolor. In addition to the basics of materials and technique, the book contains a chapter on color harmony and a versatile selection of motifs.
Perfect for getting started straight away - without any pressure or pressure!

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